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A Voter ID is a photo identity card issued to individuals who are eligible to cast a vote. It is issued by the Election Commission of India. Its main aim is to defunct the electoral frauds and maintain the accuracy of the electoral system. During voting, it also acts as an identification proof.

A voter ID card is also called as election card or Electors Photo Identity Card (EPIC).

How to apply for a Voter ID Card?

Citizens of the country can apply for a Voter ID card through online, offline or semi-online modes.

Online Method to Apply for Voter ID card

Follow the steps given below to apply for Voter ID card online.

  • Visit the official website of the election commission and click on National Voters’ Services Portal.
  • You will be directed to a new page. Click on ‘Apply online for registration of new voter id’.
  • The online form will open. Fill in all the requisite details. Fill all the 4 sections of form 6 thoroughly.
  • Click on ‘Submit’. Upload all the required documents and photo by clicking on the Upload button.
  • The applicants will be given a reference number using which they can check their Voter ID Status.

Offline Voters ID Method:

Follow the steps given below  to apply for Voter ID card offline.

  • Visit the State Election office and get yourself Form 6.
  • Fill the form completely and attach the requisite documents alongside.
  • Submit the form at the office.
  • Once all the details filled by you are verified, you will be allotted your Election ID after some time.

Semi-Online Election ID:

The applicants can opt for a semi-online method as well for applying for Voter ID. To apply, follow the steps given below:

  • Visit the official website of the national election commission or state election commission and download Form 6.
  • Duly fill the form with correct details. Attach all the relevant documents along.
  • Submit the filled form 6 with documents at the Election Office.
  • Post the verification process of the documents, the Voter ID will be issued.

Documents Required For Voter ID Card:

The applicant needs to attach the following documents along with the duly filled form.

Voter ID Card Eligibility:

The Voter Id card is issued only to applicants who surpass the eligibility criteria.

  • The applicant shall be a minimum of 18 years of age.
  • If the applicant is financially bankrupt or belongs to any specified special category, they stand ineligible to apply for the Voter ID card irrespective of their age.

How to Register for Voter ID?

The applicants can register for the Voter ID card by filling in Form 6 completely. One can get hold of the form either online or by visiting the Electoral offices. Post the form is submitted along with all the requisite documents and photographs attached, the verification will be done for the authenticity of the documents. Once verified, the applicant will receive their Voter ID by post. Applicants are advised to check all the details mentioned on their Voter ID card to avoid any issues later.

Track Voter ID Application Status Online:

The applicants can track the Voter Id Application status by visiting the website of the State Election Commission.

To track the status, they have to:

  • Visit the official website of electoral CEO.
  • Click on ‘Know the Status of Your Application for Enrolment'. The applicants will be directed to a new page wherein they need to enter the details of the form such as the Form number.

The applicants can also visit the National Voters’ Services Portal. Click on ‘Search your Name in an electoral roll. Once the link opens, the applicant will have two options to track their Voter ID application.

  1. Enter the application number or EPIC number and state number. You will get your EPIC card number.
  2. Enter the details given below to get the Voter ID card status.
  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • State
  • Father’s name
  • District constituency

The application status can also be tracked by entering the reference id on the National Voters’ Services Portal.

What to do if your Voter ID card is not received?

In case you have not received any notification or your Voter ID card, then follow the steps given below to check the status:

  1. Visit - NVSP Online Application Status Portal
  2. Enter the reference number for online application
  3. Click on ‘Track Status’.
  4. A page displaying the application status will appear.

You can also visit the DEO along with your reference number in case the verification process is taking a long time.

Uses of an Election Card or Voter ID Card:

Apart from the electoral purpose, election card also serves many other uses. Some of these are:

  • A voter ID card is accepted as the identity proof. It consists of many identification features like photograph, signature, fingerprints etc which add up to the assurance for the holder.
  • Holding the Voter ID Card means that he/she is a registered voter.
  • It helps in avoiding voting multiple times.
  • For voters with no fixed address, it is a handy ID proof.

Why Is It Important To Have Voter ID Card?

It is very important for every eligible citizen of the country to have the Voter ID Card because of the following reasons:

Proof of Identity –  It is one valid Identification proof which the citizens can at various offices, institutions, banks, travel agencies, gas companies, insurance companies etc.

Casting Votes – During elections, the citizens need to have the Voter ID card if they wish to cast their vote.

Registration In Electoral Roll Of A Non-Domicile State – In case the citizen has migrated from his domicile state to another, then using the Voter ID they can register their name in the electoral roll of the new state other than their state of domicile.

Fields Included In a Voter ID Card:

A voter ID card is widely accepted as identity proof in the country. It also acts as address proof. The voter ID card issued to the citizens by the Election Commission of India has the following fields:

  • A hologram sticker.
  • Serial number.
  • Photograph of the cardholder.
  • Name of elector/ cardholder.
  • Card holder’s parent’s Name.
  • Card holder’s gender.
  • Elector’s / card holder’s age as on the date of issue of the card.

The rear end of the card holds the complete residential address of the elector/ cardholder along with the signature of the issuing authority.

Thus, Voter ID is one crucial document for any citizen and one should not delay in getting one as soon as they get elected. Being a citizen of a democratic country, one should not forget to exercise their right to vote.

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