Check Aadhar Card Status

After receiving the Aadhaar acknowledgement slip, you can check the status of your Aadhar card online and offline. To track your UIDAI Aadhar status, you have to enter your Aadhar enrolment number which is mentioned on the acknowledgement slip.

Checking Aadhar Card Status Online using Enrolment Number

You can check the Aadhar card status without any charge by visiting the UIDAI’s official website. Follow the below given steps to check the status online using your enrolment number:

Step 1: Vist the official website of UIDAI (

Step 2: Under Aadhar Online Status in the Aadhaar Enrolment section, click on ‘Check Aadhaar Status’ option. Alternatively, you can also visit the page directly by following the link
Step 3: Put in your Enrolment ID, date and time of enrolment, security code as given on the acknowledgement slip and click on the “Check Status” button.


Step 4: If your Aadhaar is generated, then you will receive a message about it. You will see options to download your e-Aadhaar online or get it on your registered mobile number.


Step 5: Click on the Download Aadhaar option to download e-Aadhaar.
Step 6: If you want to get Aadhaar on your mobile, then select the Get Aadhaar on Mobile option.

Checking Aadhar Card Status Without Enrolment Number

If your Aadhar acknowledgement slip has been misplaced or you have forgotten your enrolment number, then also you can check your Aadhar card status online. Follow the below given steps to check Aadhar card status without enrolment number:

Step 1: Firstly retrieve your enrolment number by visiting
Step 2: To retrieve details, select the EID or UID (Aadhaar) option.

Step 3: Enter your name, email, mobile number and security code to receive an OTP on your registered mobile number.
Step 4: Enter the OTP and click on Verify OTP.
Step 5: After verification, your Enrolment number/Aadhaar number is sent to your email id and mobile number.
Step 6: You can check your Aadhar card status using this enrolment number.

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Checking Aadhar Card Address Update Status Through Update Request Number(URN Number)

eAadhaar card status can be checked both online and offline. To check if your Aadhar card has been generated or not, you can also call on Aadhaar card status enquiry phone number 1947.  After the enrolment is done, you can follow the below given steps to check Aadhaar card address update status with URN number:

Step 1: Go to UIDAI’s website
Step 2: Put your Aadhaar number and URN (Update Request Number)


Step 3: Enter the security code. Click on the “Get Status” button.
Step 4: You will get your Aadhaar update status.
Step 5: You can download e Aadhaar and print it if it has been updated.

Check Aadhar Card Status without Acknowledgement / Enrollment Details

It is possible to track the status of your Aadhar card even if you have damaged or misplaced the acknowledgement slip which you have received post verification process. Follow the below given steps to check Aadhar card status without acknowledgement/enrolment details:

Step 1: Vist UIDAI’s official website(
Step 2: Click on the ‘Aadhaar Services’ link to directly go on the page.


Step 3: Click on ‘Find UID/EID’.
Step 4: You will get an option to find your lost Aadhaar Number/ enrollment number.
Step 5 : Enter full name, email ID and registered mobile number.
Step 6: Enter the security code.
Step 7: Click on the button ‘Get OTP’ to send OTP on your registered mobile number/e-mail ID.
Step 8: Enter the received OTP in the given field.
Step 9: Click on ‘Verify OTP’.
Step 10: Once verified, the Aadhaar Enrolment Number will be sent on your registered mobile number/ email ID.

Checking Aadhar Card Status Through Mobile Number.       

Follow the below-given steps to check Aadhar card status on your mobile phone:

  • Type the message SMS “UID STATUS <14 digit enrolment number>” and send it to 51969.
  •  If your Aadhaar has been generated, then you will receive an SMS containing the Aadhaar number. If not, you will receive the current status of your Aadhar on the SMS.

Checking Aadhar Update Status Through India Post

Aadhar Card is sent through India Post and thus usually takes 60 to 90 days to reach the applicant. To track your Aadhar card once it has been generated and dispatched by UIDAI, follow the below-given steps.

  • Visit India Post’s official website.
  • Put your consignment details. These details are available on the Aadhaar website.
  • You can see the Aadhar consignment details on your screen.

You can also track the delivery status of the Aadhaar by checking in at any India Post branch.

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