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Living in the capital city of the country comes with its share of highs and lows. While on one hand, you get the best of infrastructure, amenities and facilities, on the other hand, you got to struggle in terms of expenses when it comes to living in the city. To thrive here, people usually look for financial aids to meet their personal needs. Personal loans come handy during such hours. The road to getting a personal loan in Delhi NCR is filled with potholes but online platforms like that of LoansJagat ensure quick personal loans with best deals.

A general layman may not know what exactly is a personal loan and how one can apply for the same. Here are all the details about the personal loan to keep you sorted before you decide to plunge to one.


Simply put, personal loans are the loans which the borrower takes to meet his personal financial needs. These loans are unsecured in nature and no security is required to be kept against the loan amount with the lender. Many leading banks and NBFCs offer personal loans for a short duration of time. Personal loans come with a higher rate of interest in comparison to other loans which are backed by security or an asset. One can avail low-interest rate on personal loans by comparing over 40 lenders on LoansJagat portal and choose the one which best suits their requirements.


The best part about personal loans is the fact that the borrower can use the loan amount as per his jurisdiction and the lender doesn’t hold any interest in knowing how the loan money will be used. This lends the flexibility to the borrower and he can use the funds to finance his vacation, education, wedding, home renovation, medical emergency, or buying a covetable gadget.



For instance, if Saloni applies for a Personal loan of INR 3 Lacs and get the loan sanctioned at the rate of 12.15% with a tenure range of 3 years, in such a case her EMI would be INR 9,985 and this complete amount till the end of 3 years tenure would be INR 3,59,487(i.e 9,985 EMI * 36 months), which is a total interest amount of INR 59,487 along with principal repayment of INR 3,00,000. Some additional charges like those of minimal one-time processing fee ranging from 0.5% to 3% of loan amount, charges on change of the mode of payment (Rs. 500- 1000) or pre-payment penalty on an earlier foreclosure of loan ranging from 1% to 5% may also apply.


One can apply for personal loans from the comfort of their home by simply visiting the online portal of Our online processing encompasses 3 steps viz.

  1. Filling in the basic KYC details
  2. Checking for Personal Loan Eligibility
  3. Applying for loan

On account of the details entered, LoansJagat platforms present you the list of lenders along with their loan products. One can compare the lenders on account of interest rates, loan amount offered, loan tenure, EMI etc and choose the one which best suits their requirements. LoansJagat also offers to opt for offline processing of the loan.


The borrower needs to submit a few documents along with their loan application form. These documents pertain to one’s KYC and financial stats. Documents required are subject to different lenders.

KYC documents required for personal loans:

  • Proof of Residence
  • Proof of Identity
  • Passport-sized photographs

Financial documents required for personal loans:

  • Salary slip of last 3 months
  • Bank statement of salary account of last 3 months

The borrower can either upload the documents online along with their application form or choose to submit them offline.


Credit scores are a direct reflection of your repayment history, past loans and defaults. Lenders seek your credit score to check your creditworthiness. Borrowers with good credit score have higher chances of getting their personal loan application approved quickly. However, some lenders also offer personal loans to borrowers with low credit score also. High credit score also puts the borrower in negotiating position to grab deals with a low rate of interest on the personal loan.


The online portal of LoansJagat helps you smoothly sail through the loan application process. They have a well-connected network with over 40 banks and NBFCs under their cap and based upon your credentials offers the best deals in terms of lenders and their offerings.

One can apply for personal loans in Delhi NCR from the comfort of their homes without the hassle of physically visiting the banks.

Some of the reasons why one should choose LoansJagat for applying for personal loans in Delhi are:

  1. A dedicated relationship manager is appointed with every loan application which ensures smooth sailing through the processing.
  2. Their team of experienced and trained analysts and professionals has the best to offer to the clients.
  3. They ensure the utmost safety of your personal data.
  4. Over the years, they have made a mark for themselves in the lending sector and has received thorough recognition from various banks and financial institutions.
  5. Their machine algorithm ensures that you are offered the best of what you desire.

Thus living the dream life in the metropolitan city Delhi is not an illusion anymore for low salary individuals. Avail personal loans in Delhi NCR through LoansJagat portal and see your dreams materializing into reality.

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