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We often need funds to overcome certain situations in life, these situations could be a medical emergency or sudden need at work. Also, we might need funds to fulfil certain unfulfilled wish like buying a gadget one has been eyeing for a long time or to go on that vacation which has been on the wish list but couldn’t happen due to lack of funds. These situations can be overcome with a Personal Loan. While traditionally, the lenders asked for collaterals against which they could underwrite the loans, the times have changed now and the Banks and NBFCs today offer unsecured personal loans to help people realise their dreams.

LoansJagat makes getting access to unsecured personal loans really simple, with its 3 steps simple process:

  • Answer Basic Questions

LoansJagat provides a simple and intuitive platform that asks some basic questions to identify the requirements, one can just simply tap and fill these requirements which will help LoansJagat to find the best lenders suited for the unsecured personal loans. 

  • Check Loan Eligibility

Further, a user can check their loan eligibility for the unsecured personal loans using the LoansJagat platform and also get access to over 40 Banks and NBFCs. An applicant can compare the features and specifications offered by the lenders like interest rate, tenure, processing fee and other charges to select the best lender as per their requirements.

  • Apply Online or Offline

After choosing the best lender for their unsecured personal loans, the applicant can simply apply online using LoansJagat with easy documents upload online or may send the documents offline as well, as per their convenience. LoansJagat also provides a dedicated loan officer to guide an applicant through the entire process from identifying the right loan to personal loan online apply facility and eventually the loan dispatch.

The LoansJagat Advantage

LoansJagat offers several advantages over the traditional lenders to get access to unsecured personal loans. Some of these advantages are as follows:

  • Unsecured

LoansJagat enables individuals to get access to unsecured personal loans by partnering with lenders that provide unsecured loans and do not ask for collaterals to evaluate creditworthiness.

  • Quick Process

The entire process of personal loan online application is simple and fast with LoansJagat, one just needs to fill a simple form and get evaluated for creditworthiness. There are no branch visits or unnecessary formalities involved.

  • Simple Documentation

LoansJagat enables simple online documentation, with a simple list of documents required for unsecured personal loans. Some of these documents are identity proof, address proof and income proofs which include salary slips. The documentation could be done online or even offline as per the applicant’s requirements.

  • Better Chances of Getting Loan

LoansJagat has a partnership with over 40 Banks and NBFCs and an applicant gets options to choose from multiple lenders, which ensures that an applicant not just gets the best deal as they are able to choose the best lender for them based on factors like interest rate, tenure, amount, processing fee and other charges. The applicant also gets better chances to get access to unsecured personal loans as with multiple lenders the chances of getting an approval increase.

  • Increased Credit Score

If an applicant applies directly with multiple lenders, with every application the credit score takes a hit. However, LoansJagat ensures that with its partnerships the offers from multiple lenders are not counted as multiple applications and hence, it eventually helps to keep the credit rating higher, which increases the chances of getting access to loans in future as well.

  • Dedicated Loan Officer

LoansJagat also provides access to a dedicated loan officer who guides the applicant throughout the entire process of loan application cycle from identifying the best loan product to sanction and eventually the unsecured personal loan disbursal. Effective customer care and service are at the core of LoansJagat.

  • Apply Now

If you are a salaried or even a self-employed individual looking for a personal loan without offering any collaterals, LoansJagat provides the best platform to get access to unsecured business loans and also get access to state of the art tools like a personal calculator and the comparison tool to compare the loan offers from over 40 Banks and NBFCs. LoansJagat also provides a dedicated loan officer to guide through the entire process having professional experience of over 15 years. LoansJagat is the best choice today for getting access to unsecured personal loans and other loan products. 

Apply now and get real-time updates on your personal loan application along with complete assurance of a powerful and pleasing customer service experience, checkout LoansJagat now for your unsecured personal loans. 

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