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The city of Kolkata has many banks and financial institutions which offer personal loans at a decent interest rate for a  period of few days to up to five years. Personal loans are provided for an amount ranging between Rs. 25000 to Rs. 25 Lakhs. A personal loan doesn’t require the applicant to put any collateral against the loan as security. These unsecured loans are best suited to meet the financial emergencies as the loan is approved and disbursed almost instantly. The processing time is quick and the minimal documentation makes it an ideal loan product.

Personal loans are given to the applicants without being asked by the lenders on how the amount will be used. Usually these loans are used to pay for education, paying for medical bills, getting home renovation done, paying for the vacation or travel, buy personal utility goods and so on. Personal loans being low in interest rate than credit cards and few other loans can also be used to pay off the high-interest loans to save on the interest by choosing the option of balance transfer or debt consolidation.

Low-interest personal loan in Kolkata is provided by several banks and NBFCs. Kolkata is one metropolitan city which has reached heights in terms of commercialisation and development. The city is home is to many businesses, banks and service providers. People here lead a fun-filled life but love to stay updated in terms of convenience and knowledge. When it comes to obtaining financial assistance, the people of Kolkata have a plethora of options to choose from. Instead of choosing the traditional route of visiting the bank, one can avail a low-interest personal loan in Kolkata from Fintech enablers like LoansJagat. 

Loans Jagat offers an ultimate platform to choose the online loans in Kolkata by enabling comparison of different lenders for the best rate of interest, charges and other terms and conditions. LoansJagat is a personal loan provider in Kolkata which understands the needs of the applicants and helps them through the whole loan application process. The LoansJagat online portal allows the applicants to apply for the loan from the comfort of their home without having to physically visit the branches of banks or other lenders. The only criteria which one should pass for attaining a personal loan in Kolkata are to have a decent credit score and a steady income. Lenders seek your credit score and the credit history to know about the previous and current loan and debt scenarios and to determine the loan amount and rate of interest. Proof of steady income ensures that the applicant has the means to pay back the loan amount in the stipulated time. However, many lenders offer personal loans to applicants with a low credit score as well but they charge a very high rate of interest for the same. Other necessary documents which are required to be attached alongside the application include identity proof, address proof, salary slips, salary account statement, and PAN Card. The applicant need not mention the reason for taking a personal loan and how the loan money will be spent.

Sujoy (Name changed) is one such happy customer who took the personal loan for paying the medical expenses of his sister’s surgery. Despite having medical insurance, his family faced a financial crunch during the need of the hour. With insurance taking care only of the part expenses, Sujoy’s decision to take a personal loan to keep some money handy to meet other medical expenses came handy. LoansJagat offered him a smooth loan process and quick loan approval and disbursal. He just applied through their online portal by comparing different lenders offering a personal loan in Kolkata and choose the one which best met his needs. The application was sent to the desired bank by LoansJagat itself and the LoansJagat team helped in getting the loan approved and disbursed in just a few working days. Sujoy only submitted the requisite documents online alongside the application form. The whole process was smooth, hassle-free and transparent.

The team at LoansJagat encompass best of bankers and finance professionals which chart out the best possible offer for the personal loan applicants. We help you with the loan application process and help you grab the personal loan in Kolkata with the best deal. If you are seeking a personal loan, then LoansJagat is the best platform for you.

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