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Kolkata is one metropolitan city which is home to many small and medium enterprises. The city is home to a myriad of businesses ranging from retail, manufacturing, construction, automobiles etc. Many big companies have their corporate houses in the city. The city has seen tremendous growth in the past few years in terms of expansion and growth of businesses. From start-ups and new ventures to well established big industrial joints, one can find all in Kolkata.

Apart from the businesses, Kolkata city is also home to numerous banks, financial institutions and NBFCs. A lot of businesses in Kolkata are old and need to rejuvenate also, any businessmen seek business loan in Kolkata to upgrade, expand and grow their business. The money from the loan can also be used to meet daily expenses needs of the businesses as working capital, to buy machinery, to stock inventory, for marketing purpose, for recruitment, for paying salaries and other financial needs.

One may choose to go the traditional route by visiting the bank personally to know about the rate of interest and other related details about business loan, filling of the application form, submitting the requested documents, doing meetings which may take a lot of your time. This process is tiring and one doesn’t get to compare different lenders for grabbing the best deal.

These are some reasons why the traditional lenders have not yet been able to provide funds to bulk of small businesses, apart from these issues the traditional lenders also require collaterals to underwrite the business loans against the value of the property pledged and since most small businesses run on a rented or leased premise, the small businesses are unable to access the business loans with ease.

However, online loans in Kolkata are the new thing which many businessmen are opting for. Business loan provider Kolkata offers the best deals but as per the banking experts, it is very important to compare different business loan providers and check their terms and conditions, repayment terms, rate of interest, prepayment charges and other hidden charges before finalising the lender. To access a low-interest business loan, one must choose the Fintech enabler- LoansJagat which offers a great platform wherein the applicant can compare different lenders and choose the one which best meets their needs.

Sujoy is a businessman residing in Kolkata. He wanted to procure a business loan to buy new machinery for his factory. But he was sceptical in choosing the right lender who would offer him the best rate of interest. Having a shortage of time in hand, he couldn’t do any research about the business loan provided by different lenders. His friend told him about LoansJagat and rest, as they say, is history. Sujoy applied for the business loan by visiting the LoansJagat online portal. He only answered two basic questions related to his KYC and financial details. The system automatically generated a list of lenders offering the business loan along with the details of interest rates, prepayment charges, tenure, loan eligibility criteria, loan amount etc and chose one of the eminent banks for borrowing the business loan. He was contacted by LoansJagat representative who managed and tracked his application process. He ensured a fast approval of the application and within 5 days, the loan was disbursed in his account.

Business loan provider Kolkata offers business loans up to Rs 50 lakhs based up your financial credibility. The loan is provided at a fixed rate of interest and loan tenure. The best part about the business loan in Kolkata is the fact that there is no need of attaching any collateral as security backing the loan. This gives immense relief and flexibility to young businesses that don’t have any asset to keep as security. The eligibility criteria which most banks seek include the age of the business and total revenue generated. One can calculate the eligibility criteria online through the LoansJagat portal. Another useful online tool is the EMI calculator which lets you calculate the exact EMI which you can pay. Procuring business loan through LoansJagat involves minimum documentation and fast processing and disbursal.

So, if you are looking for taking a business loan, then look no further and apply through the LoansJagat portal by comparing over 40 leading lenders and choosing the one which meets your needs. The team of experts and finance professionals from LoansJagat is there to guide you through the application process so that you only benefit from the business loan.

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