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Pune – Second largest city of Maharashtra is densely populated with the working class in large number for whom Low-interest personal loans act as a boon to take care of the emergency needs.

When should I take a personal loan?

A Personal Loan is an amount borrowed from the Banks or NBFCs. One can use this loan for any urgent or legitimate financial need like renovating a home, wedding expenses, education needs or for planning a vacation. This is not a secured loan like a home loan or a car loan which gives flexibility to the borrowers to utilise funds appropriately when and where needed.

How can I apply for an online personal loan in Pune?

LoansJagat helps an individual to easily look for the best low-interest personal loans in Pune. It is a platform driven by technology and powered by a team which has the support of more than 40 Banks and NBFCs. To apply for a personal loan in Pune, one just needs to follow a few simple steps and get complete assistance from LoansJagat, a few important steps are:

  • Fill Basic Personal  Details including the Occupation Details
  • Check your Eligibility for Personal Loan in Pune
  • Submit Required Documents and get Verification Done
  • Loan Gets Approved

What are the documents needed for the personal loan?

While LoansJagat provides a complete list of documents for every personal loan provider in Pune, In most of the cases following documents are required :

  • Photo Identity Proof
  • Residence Address Proof
  • 3 month latest Salary Slips
  • 3 months latest updated bank statement
  • Job Continuity Proof

What are the benefits of taking a personal loan from LoansJagat?

We take great pride in stating that over the years we have been able to build a platform which is best in terms of providing easy access to all the information one looks for a personal loan and our professionals have in their career disbursed near to Rs.10,000 crore loans since the inception of their careers. LoansJagat provides access to such professionals with vast experience along with association with over 40 Banks and NBFCs to an individual looking for a personal loan in Pune, to ensure they get the best low-interest personal loan in Pune. LoansJagat also helps individuals to take an informed decision regarding personal loans.

Some of the advantages that we offer are:

  • Association with over 40 Banks and NBFCs
  • Professionals with over 15 Years of Experience
  • Dedicated Loan Officer
  • Consistent Award Winners for the Service
  • Minimal Documentation
  • Prompt Customer Service 

How do I get a Personal Loan with the Lowest Interest Rate in Pune?

The interest rate on a personal loan is decided by the lender after considering several factors such as market condition, financial trends and the individual’s credit history. However, borrowers can also take a few steps to make sure they get the best low-interest personal loan in Pune. Some of the steps they can take are:

  • Clear Existing Loans: Having multiple loans reduces the creditworthiness, one needs to plan for existing loans before going for new loans.
  • Clear Credit Card Bill: Credit Cards often reduce our credit score, without us even getting to know about it. Manage it properly and keep bills low.
  • Co-Borrower:  Add your spouse as a Co-Borrower to increase chances of getting a loan and also getting an increased loan amount.

In case of a query how to reach out to LoansJagat?

LoansJagat provides an advanced technology platform to help individuals to get the best Personal Loan in Pune and other cities, while we ensure one is always updated with the real-time tracking updates for their personal loan applications. However, in case of any query, a borrower can easily reach out to us by sending us the email at

What are the Precautions to take while availing a personal loan?

One needs to take the necessary precautions while availing a personal loan. Here are some key recommendations:

  • Borrow when Necessary - Go for a personal loan, only when it is an absolute necessity or it is completely planned for.
  • Study and Compare - Do no go for the easiest available personal loan. Instead, go for an informed decision and choose the best online personal loans in Pune with LoansJagat.
  • Terms and Conditions - Before signing, ensure all the charges and interest related information has been read properly. Study all terms and conditions with LoansJagat before taking an informed decision of taking a personal loan.
  • Maintain Records- Maintain all records of previous loans and payments. All details of the current and previous loans need to be on record.

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