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Getting a credit card is easy. But maintaining it by regularly paying for the bills is what is required to get the full benefits. It is very crucial to timely clear the outstanding dues. Banks upholds the responsibility of generating the credit card statement with details of outstanding amount and payment due date. It is the user’s responsibility thereon to make the payment on time to avoid late fees and penalty in the form of interest. To make the credit card bill payment, the users can either use the online or offline mode provided by the card issuer. One can choose the mode of payment depending upon one’s convenience.

Here is a list of some online and offline modes of making the credit card bill payment. Based on the modes offered by your credit card provider for bill payments, you can choose how to pay.


Online mode of making the payment is the most convenient and sought after way for paying the credit card bills. In this internet age, online banking service is being provided by all leading banks in the country. One can choose to pay the credit card bill online by either of the methods mentioned below:

  • Internet banking

The easiest way of making the credit card bill payment is through the net banking facility provided by the bank. The key is to register your credit card with your existing internet banking account and make the payment from the online account.

  • BillDesk

BillDesk is an online payment medium which lets you pay your credit card bills without the need of any account. Since not all customers avail net banking, banks and card issuers use BillDesk to make the payment process easy. Using this channel, the customers can pay credit card bills of any bank with their ATM card or net banking account of partner banks.

  • NEFT/ RTGS online funds transfer

Another online method of making the credit card bill payment is NEFT funds transfer wherein you use the internet banking account of any bank and transfer amount from your savings account to the credit card account. The foremost thing before doing the NEFT is to add the credit card as a ‘Biller or beneficiary’ which usually takes around 30 minutes to a few hours as a one-time effort, depending upon the bank. Fund transfer can be initiated as soon as the credit card is added.

  • Auto debit facility

This is the most convenient way of ensuring that you never forget the due date of paying the credit card bills. You can register for the auto-debit facility with your savings or current account and instruct the bank to debit the bill on any particular day of the month. The customers can also choose to auto-debit either minimum due amount or total due amount. The bank will automatically credit the amount in your credit card account from your savings or a current account on the chosen date of each month.

  • Mobile wallets and payment systems

With digitalisation, the customers have many more options to make their credit card bill payments. Mobile wallets and payments systems like Paytm, BHIM UPI, Mobikwik, PhonePe etc are excellent mediums for making the payments. The process is simple with no separate registration required. Download the app on your smartphone and recharge the wallet by linking your debit card. Make the payment by entering your credit card details.


Credit card payment can also be done offline. The various non-internet methods of making the bill payment are:

  • Calling the customer care of the bank/ card issuer

If you have an account with the bank or card issuer, you can make credit card bill payment instantly by calling their customer care. The system is full-proof as there is no human intervention and the customers are guided by IVR.  This facility is provided by a few banks only.

Using the bank ATM

Another way of making the credit card bill payment is to reach out at the nearest bank ATM, insert your debit card into the machine, choose the credit card bill payment option and follow the stepwise instructions. This is an instant way of making the payment. So, if you are running late, head to the nearest ATM to pay the credit card bill.

  • Making the over-the-counter payment

The customers can directly choose to visit the bank and deposit the cash by filling in the deposit slip with details of your credit card and bill amount. Banks usually charge Rs. 100 for every payment for providing this service. Over the counter, payments take 1 working day to get processed.

  • Drawing a cheque/ DD

You can make credit card bill payment through cheque or demand draft as well. Simply draw a cheque in favour of the credit card account and drop it the dropbox of any bank branch or ATM. The cheque usually takes 3-5 working days depending on whether the card issuer and cheque issuing bank are the same or different. Thus it is advisable to keep a cushion of a few days if you pay by cheque so that you don’t cross the due date.


  • Convenient: Paying the credit card bills online from the comfort of your home is the most convenient thing. It can be done from anywhere and anytime as per one’s comfort.
  • Saves time: Online mode of making the credit card bill payment saves on the time and hassle of visiting the bank. This mode saves time, effort and is fast and easy to do.
  • Safe and secure: Banks have stringent security policies to secure online payments. Internet banking comes with privacy and identity authenticating features so that your details are well protected.
  • Easy records: Online transactions are instantly recorded with the bank and you can review them as and when you want.
  • More control: During online mode of credit card bill payment, the customers have the liberty to choose to pay the minimum due, part payment or full amount with each billing cycle.
  • Eco-friendly: While making the credit card bill payment online, you are doing good for the mother nature as there is no wastage of paper/ envelopes/ cheques/ stamps/ receipts/statements etc.


  • Check your credit card statement

It is always advisable to check the credit card statement for the charges so that you are aware of the exact amount which needs to be paid on the due date of the credit card bill.

  • Processing time

Not all online modes of payment are instant. Thus it is imperative to check the processing time before choosing the online mode so that you don’t cross the due date. Crossing the due date incurs a penalty in the form of interest and doesn’t go too well with your credit history as well.

  • Provide correct information

While making the payment online, be patient and double-check the credit card number, bank account details, IFSC etc to ensure the entered details are true and correct.

Whichever model you choose to make the credit card bill payment, one should strive to never cross the due date. Crossing the due date results in bank charging interest on the bill amount with each passing day. If you default frequently, this could result in hampering your credit score immensely as the banks uphold the responsibility of informing the CIBIL department and/or take any legal action in extreme case of default. It also greatly affects your future credit avenues. Thus, be alert in making your credit card bill payments on time and before the due date. Choose the mode of payment as per your convenience and always check the credit card statement before making the payment.

Also, it is to be noted that not all credit card issuers and banks offer the modes mentioned above. It is important to be informed of the services which your credit card service provider has on offer. Services may vary from bank to bank, thus it is imperative to know about all the details about the credit card bill payments while getting oneself a credit card.

Use your credit card responsibly and make the payments on time to make the most of the benefit from it.

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