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PAN or Permanent Account Number is one unique identification number. It is an essential document for taxpayers and other financial investments. Knowing your PAN is thus one crucial thing if you wish to conduct finance-related activities. PAN is one mandatory document as per section 139A of the Indian Tax Act, 1961.

Know your PAN number by Name and DOB

PAN number is one very important document. Now, PAN cardholders can know about their PAN number only using their Name and Date of birth. To do so, follow the below-given steps:

Step 1: Go to the Income Tax E-Filing official website-

Step 2: Look for “Quick Links” section on the left-hand side of the screen and click on “Verify Your PAN” under it.

Step 3:  Enter the details like your PAN, full name and date of birth.

Step 4: Enter the captcha code to procees further.

Step 6:Click on the “Submit” button.

Step 7:  Your PAN details along with details of jurisdiction, status etc will be displayed on the screen.

Know your PAN Card details from Income Tax Website

One can also know about the PAN Card details by visiting the official Income tax website. The individuals need to follow the below-given steps to do so:

Step 1: The first step is registration. Click on “Register Yourself”.

Step 2: Choose the applicable user type. Click on “Continue”.

Step 3: Enter the basic details.

Step 4: Fill the details in the Registration Form. Click on “Submit”.

Step 5: You will receive an activation link in the email address provided by you. Activate your account by clicking on the link.

Step 6: Log in the e-Filing website.

Step 7: Select “Profile Settings”

Step 8: Select “My Account”.

Under ‘PAN details”, the below-given details will be displayed:

  • PAN number
  • Name of Assessee
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender
  • Status
  • Address of Assessee
  • Address and contact details can also be viewed in separate tabs.

Structure of PAN CARD

  • First three letters– These constitute any three-letter of the alphabet from A to Z.
  • Fourth letter –It represents the category of the taxpayer the entity is. The various entities and their respective characters are as follows:
  • A – Association of Persons
  • B – Body of Individuals
  • C – Company
  • F – Firms
  • G – Government
  • H – Hindu Undivided Family
  • L – Local Authority
  • J – Artificial Judicial Person
  • P – Individual
  • T – Association of Persons for a Trust
  • Fifth letter– It is the first letter of the individual’s surname
  • Remaining letters– the remaining five characters are random wherein the first four characters are numeric while the last character is an alphabet.
  • Signature of the individual–PAN card also upholds the signature of the individual. It thereby acts as proof of the individual’s signature.
  • Photograph of the individual –The lower right-hand side of the PAN Card consists of the photograph of the cardholder. It thus makes it as a photo identity proof of the individual. However, there is no photograph present on the card in case of companies and firms.

How to Check your PAN Card Status?

New PAN Card applicants can easily track their PAN Card application status online by following the below-mentioned steps.

Step 1: Go to the official websites of UTIITSL/TIN-NSDL.

Step 2: Go to the PAN section on the website to track the status of PAN application.

Step 3: Choose the type of application.

Step 4: Enter details of 15-digit/9-digit acknowledgement number or PAN Number.

Step 5: Enter the Image Code (Captcha Code).

Step 6: After filling in this information, the applicant will be directed to the page displaying the present status of their PAN application.

 Need and Advantages of PAN

The government has made the PAN Card a necessary document for all the taxpayers. However, it is more than just that and comes to a wide range of benefits and uses. The various advantages of PAN are:

  • The taxpayer needs the PAN to pay direct taxes.
  • A PAN card is a necessary document for starting and registering any new business venture.
  • It is required for paying the income tax.
  • PAN Card is required by the taxpayers for various financial transactions.
  • The taxpayer can use PAN card as an alternate proof of identity.
  • PAN card also helps to keep a tab on one’s tax payments.
  • PAN Card can be used to avail utility connections like telephone, electricity, LPG connection, internet etc.
  • Using the PAN number, the taxpayer can track his various financial transactions.

Application of PAN Card

Applying for a PAN card is one very easy procedure. With it being a compulsory document for every taxpayer, the government has made sure that there are ample centres and agencies even in the remotest area for applying for the PAN Card. One can apply for the PAN Card either online by visiting the official website or offline by visiting these PAN card centres and agencies situated at the district level. For applying for the PAN Card, the applicant must fill in the form 49A completely and correctly and submit it along with the supporting documents. 

It is to be noted that, PAN Card is a very important document and shall be applied for by every taxpaying citizen.

Documents Required

The PAN Card application form is incomplete if it doesn’t have supporting documents attached alongside.  These documents are identity proof, address proof and date of birth proof of the taxpayer. 

  • Identity Proof: Any of the following documents can be submitted for the same:
  • Any government-issued ID like Aadhar, DL, Voter ID, etc.
  • Arm’s License
  • Pensioner Card which contains the applicant’s photograph
  • A photo ID card which is issued by Central Government, State Government or a Public Sector Undertaking
  • Central Government’s Health Scheme Card or Ex-Servicemen’s Contributory Health Scheme Photo Card
  • An original bank certificate- It must contain an attested photograph of the applicant with the bank account number and should be issued on the bank’s letterhead from the branch of the bank and attested by the issuing officer.
  • An address proof: Any of the following documents can be submitted for the same:
  • Electricity, landline or broadband connection  bill
  • Post-paid mobile phone bill
  • Water bill
  • LPG or piped gas connection bill or Gas Connection book
  • Bank account statement
  • Credit card statement
  • Deposit account statement
  • Post Office account Passbook
  • Passport
  • Voter’s ID Card
  • Driving License
  • Property registration document
  • Domicile certificate issued by the Indian Government
  • Aadhar Card
  • Original certificate from the employer-provided that the employer is a reputed public or private corporation
  • Date of birth proof: Any of the following documents can be submitted for the same:
  • The birth certificate which is issued by the Municipal Authority or any authorized authority
  • Matriculation certificate
  • Pension Payment order
  • Passport
  • Marriage certificate issued by Registrar of Marriages
  • Driving license
  • Domicile certificate issued by the Indian Government
  • An affidavit was sworn before a magistrate stating the applicant’s date of birth

Things to Remember for a PAN Card Application

A PAN Card is one important document. While applying for one, the applicant should be very alert and avoid any mistake as it could otherwise create a hassle for the taxpayers. For a proper PAN Card application process, the applicant must remember some key points. Some of these points are:

  • Make sure that the details mentioned in the PAN card form are the same as the details which are mentioned on the documents attached alongside like the identity proof and the address proof
  • Get the thumb impression of the applicant duly attested by the  Magistrate or Notary before submission of the form to avoid PAN card disqualification. 
  • Fill the application form 49A in capital letters only.
  • Fill in the accurate and complete contact details like address, e-mail id etc.
  • DO NOT overwrite or make corrections in the application form.
  • DO NOT apply for a new PAN Card if you have lost your previous PAN Card.
  • DO NOT use the initials in the columns of first and last name.

PAN Card Forms

For applying for a new PAN card, the applicants can fill types of forms viz.

  • Form 49A– All Indian citizens, companies, firms, trusts, NGOs, minors and students have to submit this form. In short, this form needs to be filled by Indian individuals/entities.
  • Form 49AA– This form is mainly submitted by foreigners for applying PAN card who are paying tax in India.
  • Form 60
  • Form 61

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